Panley Entertainment

Cybersecurity, Anti-Abuse, Community Management & Moderation.

Working tirelessly to make the internet safer

In the social-media era we need more tools to keep ourselves safe from attacks online, where we would use an antivirus to protect our computers, we should do the same to protect social media. I set out to create targeted cybersecurity services like Crosslink to help keep end users and communities safe without relying on the high turnaround for platform-wide anti-abuse.


I also have deep roots in community management & social media management. Gaining early experience with content creator communities gave me incredibly valuable insight into brand safety, platform responsibility & careful conduct. Fostering a healthy community is multifaceted, requiring careful conduct, community incentives, exemplary leadership & safety for community members. I have extensive experience bringing all of these aspects into multitudes of different communities & topics.

Key skills

  • Python & JS proficiency
  • Extensive Discord API exp.
  • MS Office & Gsuite proficiency
  • VIP management experience
  • High remote work productivity
  • Child Safety trained /w DBS
  • Discord Certified Moderator
  • Great interpersonal skills
  • LUA, TS & JAVA experience
  • Twitter & Reddit API experience
  • Security testing experience

Career History

GamerSafer - Product manager

January 2022 - Current

GamerSafer extended this opportunity to manage the expansion of their existing products into Discord's safety ecosystem. This scope includes Discord bot applications, user resources & development of existing & future tooling. Responsibilites include community outreach, cybersecurity & anti-abuse development, product planning & project management.



Link Automoderation

NASCAR - Discord application development

September 2021 - Current

NASCAR, during the 2021 & 2022 race seasons, wished to have the ability to stream their drivers' radios & associated radio stations used during races into Discord voice/stage channels. I was provided the opportunity to aid NASCAR in creating this, and adapted their audio stream tech to be able to stream into Discord voice/stage channels via several middleman Discord bots.

Crosslink is an Automoderation bot for Discord focused on preventing malicious links & files from propogating on guilds & communities. Targeting scams, viruses and all forms of malicious content. Read More

Ping labs - Discord application development

March 2022

Following my successful community management consultation with Ping labs, they requested I program a productivity bot for their team management. I built a robust deliverable within a relatively short time-frame, utilizing the Discord interaction kit to make configuration by end users as simple as possible.

Ping labs - Community management consultation

January 2022 - February 2022

Ping hired me to prepare their community for the launch of their upcoming product. During this setup, I operated within a strict time window due to the approaching launch of the afformentioned product to provide all the essentials for community management, seeing to automoderation needs & consolidating the join flow for new potential influx of users.


Profile widgets

Webence is a service that allows Discord users to log in via Discord's Oauth2 flow, giving their user data to the service and displaying it in a dynamically updating widget. My widget is above. Read More

HIFI Labs - Discord bot development

November 2021 - March 2022

HIFI Labs comissioned me to produce a Discord bot for a communal music voting system, users could submit tracks from Spotify, Youtube & Soundcloud, these could then be voted on by the community in a leaderboard. This implementation used the bleeding edge of Discord UI avaliable at the time, Github & Firebase Firestore. The completed work is visible here.

Hyperbeam - Community management consultation

August 2021 - September 2021

Review from company: We hired Panley to assist in growing and restructuring our Discord server. We're extremely pleased with her insight and feedback! Under her leadership we've introduced changes that increased our weekly joins by 40% and 1-week retention by 30%! We now have a clear plan on how to build a friendly and growing community—thank you Panley for your great work!


Discord-Meta Blog

Displace is the largest Discord-Meta community on the platform, producing many resources including AMA's with prolific Discord figures & informational resources. Read More


Role management bot

Splashroles is a simple role management bot, designed to be as simple to use as possible, Splashroles dynamically updates prompts based on guild role properties like colours, names & icons.

Modcast Podcast

Moderation Podcast

The Modcast Podcast was an educational podcast geared towards prospect content moderators and community managers, with a focus on social media platforms like Discord, Twitch & Reddit.


Discord & Wizards Of The Coast - Content moderation

June 2020 - August 2020

Discord offered this content moderation opportunity on behalf of Wizards Of The Coast, a company they onboarded to Discord for their Dungeons & Dragons community. As part of this contracted opportunity, I aided in configuration of the community as well as routine moderation duties, this also extended to providing long term contracted moderators with resources to aid them in content moderation for the community.

Discord - Article muthor

November 2020, July 2022

Discord extended the opportunity for community moderators to write articles for the Discord Moderator Academy as of Q4 2020. I used this opportunity to write an article (DMA 321) around auto-moderation in Discord, offering a guide and comparison for mainstream auto-moderation bots. This article was then published in the first release of the Discord Moderator Academy. I later expanded on this article in July 2022.

Subsidiary Diploma (L3)

Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Achieved as part of a 2 year course from 2016 to 2018. This course focused on electical & electronic hardware, covering everything from practical fabrication to PCB design, and all the various mathematical and engineering considerations required. As part of this course, I spent two weeks at a Cosworth facility, aiding them in designing and fabricating a high speed analog-digital signal converter for their engine testing dynos.

Discord - Discord moderator program

June 2021 - Current

The Discord Moderator Program is a voluntary program aimed at providing seasoned community managers, content moderators and bot developers to first-party Discord projects and communities onboarded to Discord directly by Discord. This program provides ample opportunities for experience in various afformentioned positions. Many of these opportunities have enabled me to gain contracted work with companies onboarded by Discord.

GamerSafer - Community management consultation

October 2021 - December 2021

This consultation aided in community management direction & moderation mentorship. The client requested support in bringing more engagement avenues to their community and product, forming a more cohesive bond between the product and their community. With assistance a full action plan was drawn up for community & moderation directives.

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Modcast Podcast - Director

July 2020 - November 2020

The Modcast Podcast was a content moderation & community management education endavour led by me, collaborating with Discord & working with several seasoned content moderators & community managers. The Modcast Podcast generated a total of six episodes during it's run time, with guests including Discord bot developers and prolific Twitch creators. My duties extended to all forms of management & direction of both content and community. This project was also of my own conception.

Atlas ASMR - Community management consultation

January 2022 - February 2022

This consultation was aimed at the community for a content creator. I was brought on to hire a moderatin team, establish mod guidelines, arrange any/all automod and help onboard the creator to Discord. In doing so I strived to make a positive experience for all community members, created various automations to link the creators content to the Discord & built out a positive community culture & moderation team.

Panley Entertainment - Sole tradership

November 2019 - Current

Panley Entertainment, as a sole tradership, is the centre for all of my contract & freelance work as well as my various products. Over time it's developed from an intiative targeted at platforming content creators into a personal company for aiding me in centralising all of my work. All projects you see on this site are offered under the umbrella of Panley Entertainment. Running a sole tradership for as long as I have is a very challenging but rewarding experience, and has taught me alot about business & brand management.