Across your online presence

Protecting your community

Via consultation, mediation or integration, we strive to keep your online community safe. We offer a variety of moderatory services, configuration and setup for various social media platforms, and vetting of your current presence with industry leading standards.

Moderation education

Through the Modcast Network, we offer a plethora of educational resources to aid you and your team in practical and theoretical moderation of your communities and social presence. We strive to further the knowledge of content moderators for free, forever.

Auto-moderation services

We provide many automated solutions to take the hard work out of content moderation, adminstration and community management. From automated link/file detection and vetting to raid prevention and reactive user verification to keep your users safe.

Welcome to Panley Entertainment

Standardising content moderation

Panley entertainment is working to revolutionise and standardise content moderation and community management across many social media platforms. We strive to provide solutions to your needs as a content creator, influencer, business, developer or community of any category or size. We believe in fair monetization and aim to provide key moderation services free of charge forever. We work with a number of partners to provide and develop our services, including working directly with several social media platforms to help keep users and communities safe, conforming to established best practices and standards.