Crosslink - Link detection and reputation


Crosslink is a smart link detection and reputation service built to make link filtering convenient for moderators and community managers. With convenience at the forefront, configuration on Discord is made to be as simple as possible for the end user. Our reputation system takes third parties into account as well as our own local domain database to keep your community safe!

The Modcast Network - Moderation Education


The Modcast Network, home to the Modcast Podcast, is an educational resource for content moderators, administrators and community managers alike. Striving to standardize and revolutionize the content moderation community, this service is aimed at bringing any prospect moderator up to speed with industry standards and best practices.

Private Consultation - Get your presence up to speed


Whether you're starting a community, looking to grow or need guidance to address issues, our 1:1 consultation on your servers configuration, modaration, administration and automation will help you get the most out of your community on all social medias. With >5 years of industry experience from industry leading individuals, we can help your community and social media presence reach it's full potential.