Presence Consultation

Discord Community Management


Creating, managing, maintaining and growing a healthy and engaged community on Discord is a challenge even for the most seasoned community managers. Whether you're launching a product or strugging to maintain your current one, we can offer countless insights from the basics to the advanced, offering roadmaps, insight and actionable feedback to get you running better than ever.

Content Moderation Training/Dispatch


Moderation can be really tough, especially to community-sourced moderators new to moderation-meta. While there are exemplary public resources to aid new moderators, in many cases you may still need guidance and training for your moderation team, or seasoned pros to step in should things be markedly chaotic. Both training and dispatch can be provided to help aid your moderation requirements on a plethora of platforms, markedly Discord and Twitch!

Social Media Managment, Growth & Outreach


Whether you're a brand, studio, influencer or just a homebrewed community; building your community is only the beginning. Once you have a stable, engaged community off the ground, you want to reach out to a potential userbase. Be they existing fans of your brand or whether you're launching something entirely new and aiming to get your name out there! Social media management is core to growth, as is understanding the metrics of success when expanding.

Pricing & Consultancy Plans


For all services above, the charged consultancy rate is £15.00 (GBP) per hour. Consultancy plans usually take the form of one hour long meetings, with an initial evaluation meeting, followed by 4 follow-ups across the next month to ensure metrics and goals are being properly reached. 50% payment is expected up-front, with invoicing handled via PayPal. All contracts are subject to PayPal buyer/seller protection.

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Use the adjacent form to reach out to us via E-mail. We will respond within a week and progress your request. Further contact may take place on platforms you wish to purchase services for. Feel free to send inquiries if you require more information or credentials.

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