Crosslink - Link detection and reputation


Crosslink is a smart link detection and reputation service built to make link filtering convenient for moderators and community managers. With convenience at the forefront, configuration on Discord is made to be as simple as possible for the end user. Our reputation system takes third parties into account as well as our own local domain database to keep your community safe!


About inherited Discord permissions


One of the most powerful configuration elements in Crosslink is the 'Inherit Discord permissions' option. This option reads the permissions a user has within any given channel when posting a link, the two permissions this takes into account are the 'Embed links' permission which when disabled deletes any link posted and the 'Attach files' permission which when disabled deletes any link to a file posted.

About scam detection


Crosslinks scam detection compares links sent against known company domains to find potential scam links. For example, a scam link pretending to be might be, this would trigger scam detection resulting in deletion of that link. Crosslink scam detection currently has >90% accuracy, and it's constantly vetted to be as accurate as possible.

About Crosslink's anti-virus


Second to link checking is file checking, crosslink boast configuration for several filetypes including media files and subtypes (images, gifs, videos & audio), potentially dangerous files and all other files. If these files aren't already set to be deleted, they're scanned through a local antivirus. Additionally, media files are scanned and checked against known 'crash' media.

Getting started with Crosslink


After inviting Crosslink to your server, any administrator may ping it to get an up to date command list, full documentation is at the top of this page or here. Some settings are detailed above, the rest are explained in the config command! To change settings, simply edit the message you triggered the command with! If you need more help, have any further questions, suggestions or want to follow our changelog announcements, join our support guild!

Data & Privacy Policy


Crosslink stores, collects and/or handles the following data for core functionality: Domains, links and attachments sent in Discord messages (not stored); Statistical information regarding domain & link safety as provided by 3rd parties; ID's as supplied by the end user for use in configuration files & statistical data for opt-in experiments to ensure end user satisfaction and anti-abuse. Discord channels with 'test', 'log', 'crosslink', 'mod', 'admin' or 'staff' in their name are exempt from anti-abuse logging; as are users with Administrator or Manage messages. Anti-abuse data may be shared with Discord Trust & Safety & include message and author data in the form of non-PII ID's. To opt out of user satisfaction logging you can disable any features marked with the beta tag or disable logging, either option will disable this logging. No other data is stored nor any PII handled. 3rd party aggregates: WoT GSB Google Web Risk YSB Virustotal 

If you'd like to request any data related to a discord guild or domain you own, reach out via one of the options on the contact us page detailing the data and proof of ownership for the relevant domain or discord guild.

Adding Crosslink to your Discord server


To add Crosslink to your server, click the image adjacent to this post or click here. This will open a prompt asking you to select a server to add the bot to. We ask for several permissions when you invite the bot; Send messages, Manage messages, Embed links, Add reactions and Use external emojis. All of these permissions are required for the base functionality of the bot.

Webpanel (coming soon)