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Our monetisation policy


Panley Entertainment believe strongly in ethical monetisation. We are for-profit but we never seek to provide products or services in a commercial environment. We aim to provide all of our vital products and services for free, forever. However providing these services for free comes at a cost, therefore we allow donations to help us fund our services.

How can I donate?


Below, you will see PayPal donate & subscribe buttons. You can use these for one off or recurring donations to Panley Entertainment. Only give what you can afford, and remember you can cancel your subscriptions within PayPal at any time. If you wish for a refund, reach out on our contact us page!

£10 Monthly

What if I can't donate?


That's absolutely fine! As detailed above, we aim to provide all of our vital products and services for free and you are more than welcome to keep using them. You can save us server costs by employing less intensive features, or help us get the word out about Panley Entertainment by sharing our social media presences, and this website. Social media buttons can be found in the footer of any page on this site!