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What is Webence? It's a tool that allows you to embed your Discord profile in an iframe! Whether you're putting your profile on your personal site or putting credits on a professional site, Webence lets you visualise your Discord profile in a slick, dynamic, constantly updating way! Webence will detect whenever you change your user info or activity, updating widgets seamlessly

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Webence works via Discord's Oauth system. Generating a widget on this site will take you through an Oauth flow that allows us to generate a Discord profile widget for you! In the process you will be joined to a blank Discord server so Webence can track your Discord status. If you leave the server, your status will stop being tracked. If you want to remove your widget, click the delete button on this site and all data and tokens will be deleted and you will be removed from the Webence server which effectively means we'll clean everything up and leave no trace of you! When you create a widget we will store and serve your user info, public connections and status. We will also force join you to a server to track your presence for the widget. If you leave the server your presence is deleted from our database. This data becomes publicly accessible. Please keep this in mind before generating a widget! If you have any concerns or questions, please contact us!


Webence was created by Panley#8008 and JohnyTheCarrot#0001